Thanks for stopping by the Recreational Home page. The recreational program is the base of every soccer club and Salmon Creek is no different. Recreational soccer is where nearly every soccer player in America starts. According to US Youth Soccer organization, 3,036,438 player registered to play in 2010. Of those, nearly 114,000 were from the state of Washington. There are 14 states in Region IV-West and only California registers more players than Washington. The state that comes in third had less than 67,000 players in the 2009/2010 season. Your child will be joining one of the fastest growing youth sports in the world and one of the most popular in the state.Over 800 players a year play on recreational soccer teams here at Salmon Creek Soccer Club. That's a lot of children but every one of them is part of our extended family. Salmon Creeks Soccer Club believes strongly in the family values that make this community a great place to live. As part of the recreational program, your child will play with children from his/her school, meet new friends from neighboring schools, practice on a field near your home, and play games against teams from Southwest Washington.

For more information about the program, being part of a team, and any other unanswered questions.

The goal here in Salmon Creek is for every child to experience individual growth as a player, learn to be an important member of a team, practice good sportsmanship at all times, and have FUN! Soccer teams are now organized by the player's birth year. The forming of teams at all levels occurs in the spring but spring recreational soccer soccer is much earlier, usually on January first. Registration for the fall season begins on May 1st. Unlike advanced competition teams, recreational teams are not selected by their coach. We do reserve spots for a short period of time for the previous year's players but the later registrations may find their child on a different team. There are many factors that go into forming our teams (see Fall Recreation Soccer Information Section - below and left).

Fall Recreational Soccer Information

Registration cost is $98. Players who are new to the club will need to purchase a uniform at a cost of $30-$35. It comes with 2 jerseys, shorts, and socks. As your child grows you may come into the office and purchase individual pieces to keep your costs down.

Priority registration each year is from May 1st to June 30th. During this time, your player is guaranteed a spot on their previous fall team. Keeping as many players together as possible helps the kids learn to form good relationships within the construct of the team. It also helps the coach keep track of which players need to work on specific skills or who plays well in a certain position. This cuts down on the period of adjustment when practices begin.We continue to accept registrations to fill in the empty roster positions in our older teams. The younger age groups will be allowed to continue to form teams as long as we are able to locate a coach. (hint, hint). Once we turn in our team list to the association we will not be allowed to form any new teams.

Players are put on teams using a variety of information. We start with what team did they play for last year. Then we look at any coach/team/buddy requests. We quite often have to consider carpool requests when placing kids on a team. If there are no requests, then we look at what school the players will be attending in the fall. Quite frequently we build teams around a specific elementary school.

Looking for ways to reduce your child's fees? We have a number of options available that can really help. Joining the general board or the recreational committee is being mentioned first because we are terribly short on volunteers. It is a full year committment but most positions do not actually require much of a time commitment. Board members that successfully perform their duties during the year and attend at least 6 of the 12 meetings will earn a $95 board credit that can be used towards any of our program fees.

There is a certain amount of financial aid available. It will not completely pay for the registration fee but depending on how many families apply each season we can really help reduce the impact of soccer on your family's finances. Sometimes we have jobs that we do not have a volunteer to help out with. In this case we will offer it to a family who has filled out an application and indicated that they would be willing to work off fees. These jobs are not paid in cash but as a credit to your family account.