Salmon Creek: Player Development Academy Teams


Salmon Creek Soccer Club Player Developmental Academy (PDA) creates a positive environment that maximizes the player's growth as a person, student and player. In the background of all our training is instilling that true love of soccer. PDA is our bridge program between Recreational and Competitive soccer. The program is for players ages 7-10 who are looking for more competitive soccer. Players are required to tryout and selected players will be placed on teams. The program was developed so that committed players can have access to training where the fundamental skills are mastered. The PDA team is the perfect place for recreational players looking to transition into club soccer.


Salmon Creek Soccer Club believes the development of our youngest players is paramount. We understand that these young players are the future of our club and consequently, the Youth Academy strives to aide each player that attends in their development. The PDA Philosophy is to create a happy, healthy and fun environment for the young soccer player. This allows each player to grow as a positive person, student and player. Our focus at this age is to teach the technical skills of soccer. The academy focuses on building a strong relationship with the ball. Each session is fun and positive. Our coaches will encourage players to express themselves and make their own decisions on the pitch.

Academy Teams - The focus of the Development Teams are on U9 and U10 players. Salmon Creek allows U8 participation but such players may participate if request is initiated by the parent, the player has interest and motivation, and there is approval by the Development Team Coach and the Player Development Academy Director.

Academy Team Formation Policy:

Academy Teams will be formed once during the year (May or June) at tryouts. During the tryout process teams are formed. Salmon Creek Academy Teams are designed to expose recreational players to competitive soccer. Development Team rosters typically have 10-12 players on them.

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • In order to play on an Academy Team, players must attend the Development Academy Sessions held in the Summer/Fall and Spring.
  • Players who participate on an Academy Team are expected to be motivated to increase their level of technical soccer training, game play, have a strong foundation of basic soccer skills - passing, dribbling and ball control- and know the rules and basic strategy of the game. Because not all recreational players have the requisite skills to participate on an Academy Team, the Player Development Academy Director and the Academy Team coaches would assist parents in evaluating their child's readiness for participation on an Academy Team. The Director of Coaching and Academy Team Coaches will have final determination as to player readiness to participate on any given team.


The FC Salmon Creek PDA curriculum follows a progressive model based on teaching the key developmental needs that have been identified for each age group. Teaching the technical skills and allowing the players to apply them through small sided games is key to the player's success.


Players joining PDA teams are required to purchase the advanced uniform kit. Required items are blue and white jersey, blue shorts, grey training shirt and blue and white socks. There are some optional items which players and parents may choose to purchase.


Teams will train one to two nights per week depending on your assign team. All players are required to attend the group trainings offered in Spring and Summer/Fall. The group training fee is included in your team fee. Optional Winter training held indoors is an additional fee. Our youth academy teams will participate in Portland Timbers Thorns League (PTTL) and various tournaments and ultimately become part of our competitive program. Small sided games are played, 7v7 to allow less players on the field and encourage more decision making by the player on the pitch.

Playing Time: All Academy Team players will be given at least 1/3 playing time per game, during regular league play, unless restricted due to health issues, injuries, disciplinary action, red or yellow cards, or the player's own desire to not play.

Salmon Creek Development Team Seasons:

Fall (during September, October and November) - Teams will be compete in the PTTL Player Developmental Academy League held on Sundays at Delta Park. Teams will practice once or twice a week during this time.

Winter - Most teams take a break during the Winter. Some choose to play futsal or indoor.

Spring (during February, March and April)- Teams will be compete in the PTTL Player Developmental Academy League held on Sundays at Delta Park. Teams will practice once or twice a week during this time.

Academy Teams - There is a registration fee associated with playing on an academy team. Players are also required to purchase the advanced uniform kit for league play. There are fees associated with Summer tournament play.


Answer Questions

I just found out about the Academy! Can my youngster still register for your program?

Youngsters can enter our Academy "mid-stream" during the year after they are assessed over two consecutive team training sessions. Anyone with questions or interest in the Academy at any time during the year should contact our Academy Registrar .

To reach our PDA program please contact our Academy Director, Tina Ellertson, at