Competitive Program Overview

Advance Level Competition - What's it about?

Thank you for considering FC Salmon Creek (FCSC) Competitive Program for your child. This Program provides your child an opportunity to play soccer at a higher level than the Recreational Program can offer. The purpose of this document is to provide prospective players and returning players with information about the FCSCCompetitive Program so they can make an informed decision about the upcoming season. Whether a returning player or someone considering competitive soccer for the first time, most people have the same basic questions:

Coaching Director - Joe Frimpong

What Level Teams are Available?

Competitive teams play in the highest level of youth soccer the team is capable of competing in. Most tier 4 teams play at the district and local level and require less travel and less financial commitment and have a volunteer coach. More competitive teams, tiers 3 & 2, have the opportunity to and are encouraged to compete at the highest level in Washington and Oregon leagues. The closest leagues are the Oregon Premier League and the Portland Timbers/Thorns League. Both offer multiple levels of play in each age group. In the past we have also had teams compete in the National Premier League, a nation wide league that offers teams the opportunity to win their way to regionals and national playoffs. In 2013-2014, our U13 girls team won at the NPL regionals and will be playing in Greensborough, NC in the summer of 2014.

What is the Time and Travel Commitment?

The time and travel commitment will vary depending upon the team's age group and level. All teams usually train 2-3 times per week beginning in April or May and continue training through January or February for younger age groups and March or April for the older age groups, with the older age group taking a break in the fall for the girls and in the spring for the boys, to allow for high school soccer. Tier 3 and 2 teams typically play in 4-7 tournaments per year with one to two of these being travel tournaments that require overnight stays.

What Does it Cost?

The cost will vary depending upon the team's age group and tier. The first team meeting will include an estimated budget for the upcoming year and you can decide before making any payments. The player costs will include registration fees (covers players cards and insurance, league fees, referee fees, State Cup entrance fee, equipment costs (allowance), field costs including lighting, coach salary, other administrative costs). Tier 4 teams have a lower registration fee and if they choose to do state cup, and practice on lit fields will have to pay cash for these items. The registration fees do not include uniforms or tournament fees.

FCSC has a variety of payment methods available including credit card payment plans. You do not need to pay the entire amount up front unless you choose to do so. You may also use fundraising or sponsorships to help offset your child's cost to participate in the program and it is advised for teams to participate in fundraising. There are many resources for fundraising and we are happy to supply you with ideas from past years.

FCSC will also have a limited number of financial aid opportunities for those players and families demonstrating a financial need and commitment to soccer and FCSC. Families who are awarded financial aid will be required to participate and support various FCSC events and or activities.

What Can We Expect From the Competitive Program?

The higher level of commitment required by the FCSC competitive Program provides a stable and consistent atmosphere for players to improve to their fullest potential from season to season. All players will improve in different areas at different rates during the stages of their development. Each team will ebb and flow as they grow together to meet their full potential. Our professional coaches are trained to guide players and teams through the ups and downs of a season as well as keep them on a path toward a successful season, both as individual players and as a team. This is the advantage over the recreational program which has short soccer seasons. While there are many exceptional volunteer coaches in the Recreational Program, there is no guarantee your child will have the consistent commitment from the other players on the team.


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